snOPY snoRNA Orthological Gene Database
SpeciesBox typeTarget RNAOrganization
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  Species snoRNA name Box Target RNA Organization Locus
Canis_familiaris SNORD28 C/D 18S rRNA Poly Poly:24:SNORD25
Dasypus_novemcinctus SNORD28 C/D   Poly Poly:21:SNORD22
Equus_caballus SNORD28 C/D   Poly Poly:20:SNORD22
Erinaceus_europaeus SNORD28 C/D   Poly Poly:10:SNORD25
Felis_catus SNORD28 C/D   Poly Poly:26:SNORD22
Gorilla_gorilla SNORD28 unknown   Intronic LOC101131283
Gorilla_gorilla SNORD28 unknown   mono Mono:390:SNORD28
Homo_sapiens SNORD28 (U28) C/D 18S rRNA Intronic SNHG1
Macaca_mulatta SNORD28 C/D   Mono Mono:76:SNORD28
Macaca_mulatta SNORD28 C/D   Poly Poly:15:SNORD25
Microcebus_murinus SNORD28 C/D   Poly Poly:7:SNORD22
Monodelphis_domestica SNORD28 C/D   Poly Poly:13:SNORD22
Mus_musculus SNORD28 C/D 18S rRNA Poly Poly:8:SNORD25
Myotis_lucifugus SNORD28 C/D 18S rRNA Poly Poly:22:SNORD22
Ornithorhynchus_anatinus SNORD28 C/D   Intronic ENSOANG00000021427
Oryctolagus_cuniculus SNORD28 C/D   Poly Poly:26:SNORD26
Otolemur_garnettii SNORD28 C/D   Intronic ACE2
Otolemur_garnettii SNORD28 C/D   Mono Mono:19:SNORD28
Otolemur_garnettii SNORD28 C/D   Mono Mono:454:SNORD28
Pan_troglodytes SNORD28 C/D   Mono Mono:20:SNORD28
Pan_troglodytes SNORD28 C/D   Poly Poly:17:SNORD22
Pongo_pygmaeus SNORD28 C/D   Mono Mono:202:SNORD28
Pongo_pygmaeus SNORD28 C/D   Poly Poly:19:SNORD27
Pongo_pygmaeus SNORD28 C/D   Poly Poly:19:SNORD27
Rattus_norvegicus SNORD28 C/D   Intronic LOC686449
Sorex_araneus SNORD28 C/D   Mono Mono:201:SNORD28
Sorex_araneus SNORD28 C/D   Poly Poly:2:SNORD25
Spermophilus_tridecemlineatus SNORD28 C/D   Mono Mono:131:SNORD28
Spermophilus_tridecemlineatus SNORD28 C/D   Mono Mono:150:SNORD28
Xenopus_tropicalis SNORD28 C/D   Poly Poly:8:SNORD26
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